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Welcome to Our World!

Hello, world! Allow me to welcome you to our first ever blog post! So you may be wondering where we came from. Copper+Cotton is this fresh little baby, complete with smooshy cheeks, and you ask, “who are your parents?”. Well…

I’m Jamie. I’m addicted to weddings. I have a fascination with the endless combinations of color, texture, style and attitude that are available for me to play with in order to create each couple’s perfect wedding day. After 8 years of planning weddings, I feel like it has only just whet my appetite.

Relationships are what fuel me. My favorite things to do when I’m not working on your wedding are to spend uninterrupted time with my family, or enjoy a good drink with a close friend. I love being able to just let go of stress and worries and responsibilities and just BE with my people. After all, what are we without our people? I believe that THE PEOPLE WE LOVE ARE A TESTAMENT TO WHO WE ARE. Once we’re gone, our legacy is found in the relationships we had. This is why I love to plan weddings. There are a lot of details that go into planning a big event and if I can handle those tasks for you, then you can concentrate on what’s truly important in life. And if you become that good friend who enjoys a drink with me along the way, all the better.

I became a wedding planner because I like pretty things, and I like parties. I continue to be a wedding planner, because I have discovered that it allows me to impact the world through a distant form of marriage counseling. As a huge advocate for marriage, I love knowing that my job creates a beautiful atmosphere full of anticipation, excitement and joy –the perfect setting for celebration– so that each of my couples can enjoy their wedding day in preparation for their marriage.

During my time working at Tres Chic Weddings and Events, I learned that every little detail matters. And it SO does. This is your wedding! There are no do overs. In every step of my job, it is essential that I see it all as important. So, as I begin a new adventure raising this squishy baby of a company, I keep that in mind. Every little detail matters. Welcome to Copper+Cotton, where your now and forever never looked so good.