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Some kind words from our clients.

We loved all of the work and coordination that went into the wedding. Jamie was priceless in getting things organized as well as keeping the process fun and stress free. We will definitely be recommending her to any future bride and grooms we hear of.


Jamie Ihms did a wonderful job as our wedding planner. She was professional, courteous, kind, patient and extremely helpful throughout the process. My fiancĂ© was initially hesitant that I wanted to hire a planner but after he saw how much stress she was able to lift off of mine and my mother’s shoulders, he agreed it was a great idea. Jamie’s attention to details impressed me. She was extremely responsive and considerate to our needs. I feel very grateful that we hired Jamie to help make our wedding as special as it was.


Overall, Jamie did a fantastic time. We were engaged for 18 months which I felt was a long time and would give me enough time to vet out my own vendors. Looking back now, I am thankful we purchased 5 extra TLC hours to help my anxiety from time to time. Also, knowing what I know now, I think we would have purchased a more thorough package. Even though everything worked out perfectly and I did have time to vet out our vendors, I did have anxiety over whether I chose the right ones or not because I was just going off of my intuition (which was questioned repeatedly throughout our planning). I feel like I would have felt more relaxed throughout our planning process if our trusted coordinator was able to refer all of their trusted vendors to us to be vetted.

We had one vendor, a cigar roller, who was not fully committed but verbally, said he was. Cheyenne helped work with him to generate a contract and firm up those details. I felt secure knowing that was in place instead of just winging it and paying up at the end of the night.

The last month out, I was so relieved to have Jamie pick up where everything was last left, tie up any loose ends, add any addendums/contracts, and allow me to coast into our rehearsal and wedding day. On our wedding day, Jamie and Cheyenne popped into our hotel room to see how everything was going. Just seeing their faces was a relief as I was reminded that everything was in their trusted hands and there was nothing I needed to worry about. I am thankful we had Jamie as a part of our wedding team to help ensure we had a fabulous day.